Improve Email Open Rates & Click Throughs – Best Time To Send Email

By Duncan Carver – In Association With Office Autopilot –

GetResponse released an interesting info graphic that highlights the best times of day to send email to improve open rates and click throughs. The data comes from having analyzed 21 million emails sent from US accounts during the first quarter of this year.

Depending on how your list is segmented (ideally segmented by geo-location) it could very well be the best idea to send separate mailings throughout the day to match up with your readers respective time zones – rather than just scheduling your a broadcast to your entire list at 2am EST (a common time many marketers suggest as being ideal).

Check it out below, it’s very interesting…

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  • Blase


    It says after 8:00 pm people are checking email again.
    So you would think that would be a good time.

    Then is says…

    “Most messages land in inboxes in the morning. That’s why those sent in the
    afternoon have more chances of being noticed, opened and clicked.”

    What happened to after 8:00 pm?

    Then it says…

    “The best time to send emails is when customers
    are reviewing their inboxes. For maximum open and
    click rates choose morning and early afternoon.”

    So 1st morning wasn’t good now it is.
    8:00 pm is never mentioned again.

    So morning afternoon or evening is good.
    Just send mail. :-)

  • Robert A. Kearse

    Great info. Very valuable.

    The open rate is often neglected and not split-tested.

    I was not even aware that autoresponder services could schedule email delivery based on local time zones.

    I’ve got to check if my autoresponder service can do this.

    Thanks for a very informative infographic.