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Lead Follow Up & Forums…

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Hi All,

Since the last update…

  • I have created a two part email follow up sequence that is sent to new leads.
  • Setup a discussion community on the back end of the website.
  • Created 100 individually cloaked websites to generate additional leads.
  • Ghostwriter has been busy at work.

We have also achieved excellent results from the project to date, including an ever increasing mailing list, collected some excellent market research, obtained number one position in MSN for our primary target phrase (and are moving up in Google very fast), amongst numerous other things.

You can view the latest video under the “Lead Capture” section located to the right. In it I give specific results achieved, and discuss how the lead capture process and follow up is working in conjuntion with the discussion forums to start building an active community.


Duncan Carver

PS: Project Cost

Running Total:

  • Domain Name: $8
  • Annual Hosting: $100
  • Ghost Writer Deposit: $500 (estimated $2,000 for completed product)
  • 100 Individually Cloaked Websites: $89

Project Total To Date: $697

(Will discuss the cloaked websites in a future project update)

Video Showing Actual Rankings

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Hi All,

Due to the disappearing Yahoo rankings for our project website last week (an explanation of which is below), I have created a brief video to show you the rankings we now have in both Google and MSN. I’ve done this to ensure you can see exactly what I was seeing at the time. This video was created early yesterday morning so there is a small possibility the examples shown have changed their exact positions since then, but they should still be pretty close to what is shown in the video.

Watch The Video Here

In addition, another video has been posted containing a walk through of the on site search engine optimization factors I’ve employed on the website. You can watch this via the section titled “OnSite SEO Factors” located to the right.

Please excuse the slightly rough audio quality (and my accent). I need to purchase a better microphone and will do so for future videos.


Duncan Carver