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Hi All,

Yesterday I published the Link Building Campaign section.

It contained examples of actual search engine positioning achieved for the project website to date. Low and behold, as soon as it went out, all of the mentioned results achieved in Yahoo seem to have disappeared.

These were real results I can assure you. They were there from Sunday 25th Feb right up until yesterday. It’s Murphy ’s Law really. It seems now Yahoo reverted back to an older index and is only showing the cached home page from a few days previous to this when there was no website up there at all.

I feel I need to explain this because of the volume of emails I have received. To all those wondering why this occurred, you need to understand that this is a “live” project.

I write about what I’ve done as I am doing it. I write about the results as we see them occur. But search engines are strange numbers; they update frequently, revert back to their previous updates occasionally, and are quite dynamic. As in this instance, that appears to have occurred. I’m not concerned, it is simply a normal fluctuation in Yahoo and we should see the results come back within the next day or two.

It will take several weeks (and longer with Google when it finally picks the site up) for the results to stabilize completely, which of course we will see as we go. I hope this helps to clarify why you might or might not be seeing the results mentioned right now.

If you don’t hear from me again before the weekend, have a good one.



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