Project Update

NB: If you’ve just joined this exciting project, please start reading the project introduction page located on the right hand side of the page, then work your way back up the consecutive pages (market selection, link building etc). This project is being record “as we go” so will only make complete sense in a chronological order.

Project Cost

Running Total:

  • Domain Name: $8
  • Annual Hosting: $100
  • Ghost Writer Deposit: $500 (estimated $2,000 for completed product)

Project Total To Date: $608

Work Completed:

Work completed since last update includes…

  • Began link building campaign.
  • Created website place holder page optimized for the search engines.
  • Created mailing list to capture leads.
  • Confirmed “Worm Farming Secrets” manual structure with Ghost writer.

Notable Results:

Results being seen since last update.

  • All major search engines have spidered the website.
  • Website is listed in Yahoo and has already achieved several top ten rankings.
  • Several subscribers / leads have been generated.
  • A proportion of those leads have included a question related to worm farming they would like answered (our market research component).

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