Project Introduction

A few weeks a go I decided to start publishing the “Online Marketing Today” newsletter again more frequently. I’ve been pretty quiet for some time, doing some traveling, and upon return, working quietly in the background on the numerous online business ventures I operate.

In that time whilst exploring the numerous new traffic generation techniques that have appeared (such as social bookmarking, web 2, video marketing and the likes), I decided to prove that the good old principals of online marketing still apply today as they did back in the early 2000’s. In fact, they are the fundamental corner stones of any successful online business.

As a result I’ve decided to share the exact techniques I use, to go from idea to profitable online business, completely step by step, with nothing held back. Yes, a bear bones “nothing held back” completely new project. You can follow along, as I take this new project from idea, to implementation, to profitable online business.

I’ll share with you the techniques I use to…

* Select the niche market we’ll attack;
* The techniques used to generate targeted traffic to the website (both no cost, paid, conventional and unconventional);
* The methods used to convert that traffic into leads;
* The all important product development and creation process;
* Setting up a profitable affiliate program;
* And much more

…this project is completely new, and to my knowledge, no one teaching online marketing techniques has had the balls to put their money where their mouth is and expose themselves in such a fashion in a completely no-cost newsletter. This could very well be a first and I did actually think about charging for it. Don’t take this information lightly because I’m not currently charging for it. I may decide to do so in the future once the project is complete.

The market I’ve selected for this project is “worm farming”. I plan in the next six to eight weeks to take this project from idea to a monthly income of approximately $2,000 per month and we’ll then continue on to see if we can take that even further.

This project is so new that I’ve only selected the market at this point (have a rough idea for a product which we’ll create) and registered a domain name a couple of hours ago…

…please feel free to take a look and you’ll see that there is nothing there yet. It might not even have resolved yet. Please also feel free to run the domain through the tools at…

…to see the domain has no link popularity and is not listed in any search engines. Again, this project is completely new. I need to stress that because everything you’ll see occur on this domain, all marketing techniques I use, the methodology I’ll be using is going to be shared with you in as much detail as possible. The idea being to give you a step by step reference point to refer to for your own online business.

A few things to note.

The results that occur from this project will be fast.

Having been marketing online since 1998 I have substantial resources available at my disposal to get results quickly. Having said that, it’s not really important.

What is important are the techniques I use, your ability to understand them and apply them to your own online business using methods suitable to your current financial situation and time constraints. As we progress with the project, I will offer suggestions of alternative techniques to implement that will produce similar results (however my take longer to achieve).

I just want to make that clear.

These techniques are proven.

They are the fundamental corner stone for every new project I personally undertake. They will work for you also… even if they may take a little longer and you have to take an alternative approach.

The important thing is taking action. It’s far too easy to become distracted with the latest idea, new traffic generation technique, or to blow your money on new information products etc.

Follow a set business plan.

Have daily and weekly goals.

Most importantly work at it. Results will come.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this new project and I look forward to sharing it with you.


Duncan Carver